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How does Susan Leone earn your trust to sell your house or find your dream home?

As real estate professionals with Julia B. Fee Sotheby’s International Realty, Susan Leone and Virginia Leone are top producers.  Susan has earned the distinction of Luxury Real Estate Specialist. Business partner Virginia Leone has been a top producer in real estate for 35+ years.

Their approach is relevant to your individual needs. The marketing plan they develop and execute to sell your home will be a comprehensive document – a blueprint that includes compelling descriptions of your property with a detailed advertising and marketing package with specific objectives and an all-important time frame. Their marketing strategies are relevant with out-of-the-box tools and broad use of social media to help you buy or sell a home in the least amount of time for the most attractive value.

Sharing our success in real estate for your next move.

“I instill confidence in the clients I represent because of my integrity and knowledge of the real estate market, as well as my business connections and resources. I have a distinct sense of flair for all aspects of business dealings in the luxury real estate market. Innovative marketing plans are customized for each client for whom I act as a trusted advisor. Because of my passion for the luxury market and lifestyle, I know what is relevant and what makes sense for each individual. My recommendations and actions are based on data and analysis. Clients tell me that I am an adept communicator, very approachable and always reachable!” — Susan Leone, Susan Leone Habitats, Luxury Real Estate Specialist, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Julia B. Fe /Sotheby’s International Realty